About CHSR

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The 3rd Annual Children’s Health Services Research symposium is collaboration between the section of Children’s Health Services Research (CHSR) and the Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Comparative Effectiveness Research (PACER) at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

About CHSR

Indiana Children’s Health Service Research (CHSR) was established in 2001 as a research section of the Department of Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Our areas of focus include:

We strive to improve the health and health care of children by developing and applying the best scientific evidence and methods in health services research and informatics. We are guided by compassion for children, partnerships with others and scientific rigor. We seek to become the nation’s preeminent center for children’s health services research and informatics. We strive for excellence in research, education and service to children, their families, their communities and the professionals who serve them.

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The specific aims of PACER are to:

In order to achieve these specific aims, we will establish the Center for Pediatric Comparative Effectiveness Research at IUSM and IU Health. This Center will be comprised of four "Cores" (i.e., Faculty Mentorship/Development, Patient Engagement, Informatics, and Implementation Sciences) that will function together in a collaborative, integrated fashion for the development and conduct of CER/PCOR as well as the implementation and dissemination of effective, evidence-based practices. Our vision is that CER/PCOR in the center will be conducted across all pediatric subspecialty disciplines at IU Health. The environment in which we will establish the Center is ideally suited for achieving our specific aims, and active collaborations with existing organizations, resources, and leaders within IUSM and IUH will significantly increase the likelihood of success and sustainability for our efforts in the Center.

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